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Work 23

29/4/-2/05/2011. Art-Chicago with NEXT. Gallery G-77, Chicago, USA.

Rococo #1. C-Prints. 120 x 150 cm. 2011

Rococo #2. C-Prints. 150 x 120 cm. 2011

Rococo #3. C-Prints. 150 x 120 cm. 2011

Lilia Chak has created the series “Rococo” under impression
from traditional Japanese “vagina festival”. On day of festival in
the city of Inuyama, nearby to Nagoya, the big parade in which
participants show the enormous model of a sea shell as the
symbolical image of a female deity vagina is arranged.
Adoration of female vagina, as believe, causes a harmony in
matrimonial relations and helps to treat venereal illnesses.
Lilia has seen the powerful erotic potential strengthened by an
unexpected foreshortening and increasing in a usual sea shell.


“On a tacky door – the traces of generations,
on a sea shell – coition and love,
in rubbish – an unknown flower,
in a broken roof – the sky,
in a falling drop – the aspiration for continuity,
in serenity – movement,
in movement – routine,
in routine – the incredible”.

Alexander Altshuler, poet – on the works
by Lilia Chak