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On a tacky door – the traces of generations,
on a sea shell – coition and love,
in rubbish – an unknown flower,
in a broken roof – the sky,
in a falling drop – the aspiration for continuity,
in serenity – movement, in movement – routine,
in routine – the incredible

Alexander Altshuler, poet – poem on the works of Lilia Chak


– The Human to Come, International Symposium, organised by Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains in collaboration with CNRS, with Lilia Chak (Paris 1), Veronique Auberge (CNRS/INSHS), Korneel Rabaey (Professor, University of Ghent), Raphael Zagury-Orly (Sciences Po Paris), Nicolas de Warren (Penn State University)…
Joining the Arts and Technologies in Order to Stimulate a new Understanding of the Human (…in a renewed dialogue with nature. Reflections on Eden Artech). The Dendro-art projects of Sorbonne’s Art & Science Laboratory.


– Art and Biology: The Meeting Point, International Symposium, organised by Sorbonne in collaboration with CNRS, with Lilia Chak (Paris 1), Prof. Olga Kisseleva, Dr. Aya Lurie, Dr. Elain Solovey, Dr. Dalia Manor, Prof. Ariel Novoplansky, Prof. Ilia Rodov, Dr. Sue Frumin. Israel, Beer-Sheva, Negev Museum of Art.
Between Art and Science – text of brochure for "Listening To Tress Across The Jordan River" exhibition. The Sorbonne Art & Science Laboratory as a leader of Dendro-art.


– "Listening To Tress Across The Jordan River" exhibition in Israel, Beer-Sheva, Negev Museum of Art. In the “Methuselah” video, Lilia Chak has captured the movement of the leaves of the canopy of the eponymous palm tree. This movement is then projected onto the walls of the exhibition space. In this way, the artist has created an illusory likeness of the lost ancient forest that grew in the territory of present-day Israel millennia ago. Lilia Chak has limited herself to modest, yet expressive, monochrome, turning the footage into black-and-white graphics.

Lilia Chak is an Israeli artist (b. St. Petersburg, 1966). She graduated from the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry, 1988, Russia (MFA). For her activities from 1985 to 1986, she was awarded the first prize for "The Best Research Work on Art" by the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Since 1990, Lilia Chak lives in Jerusalem. She has been experimenting with new media technologies including: photography, digital graphics and video. Since 2008, she working on the "Eternity of Moments" art project on the new visual concept of the urban environment.

In 2009 Lilia Chak was nominated the Prix Tartuffe for the "Ferror" exhibition. In 2010, she was awarded the first prize at the art competition (from among 18,000 entries) organized by Cellcom Company, Israel.

Since 2015, she works on Bio-art project "Bio-art: When a Tree Becomes an Artwork. Contemporary Practices" in frame of her PhD research in Sorbonne (under the direction of Prof. Olga Kisseleva). Lilia Chak introduced into the international lexicon a new term – Dendro-art as a new subdivision of Bio-art.

Lilia Chak is a member of platform for support Elfriede Jelinek – writer, laurent Nobel Prize for Literature in 2004. Lilia Chak is a member of the UNESCO Association of Artists, Tel Aviv branch.
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